30% Correction Inevitable For YFI, SUSHI, And UNI Price !



 The global crypto market’s diverse offerings have led an astounding rally since the bygone year. Where projects from NFTs and metaverse, have set a benchmark for the industry. Whilst being a challenge to mainstream crypto assets. However, a section from the industry is yet to turn heads, on which folks have pinned hawk’s eye. 

Successively, the particular section belongs to the DeFis that has been rather bland since the past year. And folks from the business are longing for the digital assets from the genre to pick up an extravagant rally from the past. Consecutively, industry proponents are keen on the foot movements of assets such as YFI, SUSHI, UNI, amongst others.

Are These DeFi Assets Cramming Up For A Rebound?

  The DeFi crypto market cap is currently hovering at numbers around $147 Billion, with an uptick of 2.49% over the previous day. Whilst the volume of trades since the previous day has taken a toll to numbers at $10,782,374,996. The TVL is up 1.64% at $212.92 Billion. 

On-chain and social metric analysis firm Santiment has enlightened on the movements of DeFi assets, over a fortnight’s time. The firm has used two metrics which are “Age Consumed” and “Active Addresses”. That portrays specific patterns while building the bottoms. The firm has also cited that, having similar patterns, when active addresses increase on a falling price.

yearn.finance (YFI):

YFI at the time of press is changing hands at $26,049.62, with gains of 2.3%. While the market cap hovers around $930,025,709, the volume of trades for around the clock is at $107,477.044. The TVL of YFI is presently at $4,188,925,615. While the asset is up 12.9% since the past week, it is up 7.2% over the fortnight.

The digital asset’s price top was on the 3rd of January after active addresses hit a cliff on the 18th of December. The digital asset experienced a bearish divergence between price and active addresses prior to a price drop. As cited by the analysis firm, the active addresses started to grow around the first of the month, while the price moved the other way.

The total count of YFI users on ETH has only seen a minor increase in 2021. Howbeit, the implementation of FTM vaults, has influxed a larger userbase. Which comes from the incentives of lower fees.


  The DeFi asset at the time of writing is trading at $4.81, with profits being scripted at 3.3%. The market cap of SUSHI presently floats around $926,548,515, whilst the trade volumes for 24-hours are at $124,553,694. The TVL of the digital asset is at $4,937,479,208. In the interim, SUSHI’s price has seen a positive change of 17.7% over a week and 12.6% over two weeks.

SUSHI’s price top occurred on the 30th of the Christmas month after the active addresses peaked on the 28th of the month. The digital asset came across a subtle bearish divergence betwixt price and active addresses prior to a price fall. The divergence between price and MVRV was also seen. The firm cites a similar picture to be evident with the DeFi token, with marginal signals and action. Probably hinting at a reversal.

On the contrary, SUSHI has welcomed a relatively constant ascend in usage by users. That said, the narrative lacks the count to take over Uniswap.

Uniswap (UNI):

The price of UNI at the time of press is changing hands at $12.27, with negligible increments of 0.4%. While the market cap of the DeFi asset hovers over numbers around $5,601,646,724. The trading volume for a day and a night is at $154,694,830. The TVL of the asset is $7,893,242,959. The changes in price over a week and a fortnight are at $16.5% and 15.9% respectively.

UNI has spectated a similar divergence around the 21st of January. And a similar move was seen again a couple of days later on the 24th of January. While the maze of time would unveil the current developments, which is too early to comment on. 

Uniswap has seen a steady increase in usage since its inception and is arguably the most used DeFi protocol on Ethereum. According to substantial sources, the total users grew from 700k to just over 3.4 Million in 2021. 

In conclusion, the aforementioned DeFi assets have been compounding smaller inputs for the bigger picture. Although DeFi’s have been lagging behind other diverse sectors such as NFTs and metaverse, in terms of adoption. The asset class is not totally idle, as these have been hiking the highs. The asset class could possibly initiate a bullish leg-up that has been far-from sight. Hopefully, DeFi’s reinitiate a moonish run in the current year.


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