Dash 2 Trade Announces Overfunding Round and Listing on Gate.io

Dash 2 Trade Announces Overfunding Round and Listing on Gate.io


Crypto analytics and intelligence platform Dash 2 Trade has announced a four-day overfunding round after its presale sprinted to the finish line with investors flocking to secure D2T tokens.

The presale was meant to end after reaching a target of $13.42 million, but as more than $2 million has been invested in less than a week the developers decided to extend the presale for a limited period.

A further 36 million D2T tokens are now available for $0.0556, with another $2,001,600 to be raised and a new cap of $15,421,600.

Furthermore, Dash 2 Trade has also announced that tokens will be listed on Tier 1 centralized exchange Gate.io on Wednesday, January 11, alongside previously confirmed listings on Uniswap, LBank, Changelly Pro, and BitMart.

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Dash 2 Trade extends presale after raising $13m

Increasing the presale by a further $2m will not only allow investors to secure more tokens or those who have missed out to enter the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem but also allow further and quicker development of certain aspects of the project.

The listing on Gate.io will spark other Tier 1 CEXs to follow suit, which requires spending funds, while some funds will also be used to support the existing listings.

While the crypto presale scoring system, the Dash Score, is almost ready for market and is currently undergoing beta testing, other products remain in development. The extra funds will accelerate the Dash 2 Trade timeline and expand their utility – the backtesting tool and strategy builder, for example, will now have added functionality. 

It also means that the products offered will go through beta testing much sooner than initially anticipated and, therefore, head to market sooner.

One factor was the approaching deadline but another major catalyst for increased investment was the launch of the beta presale section of the Dash Score, which went live on Wednesday, January 4.

Those testing the functionality of the Dash Score have been extremely impressed by the bespoke system, an industry-first, which allows users to easily scout the best new crypto presales and avoid flawed projects and outright scams.

The developers have been stunned at the number of users signing up to test it, which has also driven more than $500,000 of investment since it went live. 

Anyone can try the tool, which provides in-depth data and analysis on new projects and ranks them out of 100, by signing up here with an email address.

Dash 2 Trade’s developers are keen to meet the huge increase in demand in recent days after investment surged, especially with some perhaps missing out over the busy Christmas and New Year period. 

With a week until the token reaches exchanges, there was plenty of time left on the board to allow more presale investors to secure their tokens.

Dash 2 Trade has been developed by an experienced group of professional traders who saw a huge gap in the crypto market for reliable tools and analytics. The doxxed and KYC-verified team previously developed Learn2Trade, a forex and crypto trading platform for beginners that has 70,000 users and a four-star rating on TrustPilot. 

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D2T tokens to 10x in 2023?

With the presale extended, D2T tokens can still be bought on the Dash 2 Trade website by connecting a crypto wallet – such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet – and exchanging ETH or USDT for D2T.

D2T tokens now cost $0.0556 and another 36 million are available over the next four days. 

When the presale ends, however, D2T will be listed on four major CEXs – Gate.io, Changelly Pro, LBank, and BitMart – as well as leading decentralized exchange Uniswap.

All of the listings will go live on Wednesday, January 11, 2023.

Crypto analysts are extremely excited by the future prospects of D2T, given its utility – users spend D2T to gain access to the Dash 2 Trade platform via a monthly subscription – and it is extremely limited supply of just 1 billion tokens.

YouTube analyst Jacob Bury Crypto has predicted the token could deliver 10x gains in 2023 given its high utility and the variety of products on offer from the dashboard, which will help its users maximize their profit-making potential.

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What is Dash 2 Trade?

Dash 2 Trade is a crypto intelligence and analytics platform that offers a variety of tools, insights and analytical data to help its users maximize the potential of their crypto assets.

It has already been named one of the best new cryptos to invest in for 2023.

Dash score

As mentioned above, one of the major features is the Dash Score, a bespoke crypto presale scoring system that ranks new projects.

Dash 2 Trade analysts conduct research and due diligence of new projects and gives them a score out of 100 based on a variety of criteria including team, product, marketing, development and tokenomics.

Token listing alerts

Investors will also be able to take advantage of alerts that Dash 2 Trade sends out when tokens are listed on new exchanges.

Listings usually signal an incoming pump, giving Dash 2 Trade users time and opportunity to move holdings and strategize.

Trading signals, copy trading and learn to earn 

Non-traders can also take advantage of a bevy of other features, including receiving trading signals that highlight buying and selling opportunities and a copy trading tool to follow the movements of profitable traders.

Dash 2 Trade will also offer the Learn to Earn academy for those who want to learn to trade, with D2T rewards given for completing online courses.

Trading tools

For traders, there is a huge assortment of tools and features that should help them become more consistent and profitable.

That includes professional-grade independent technical indicators, such as orderbook statistics and moving averages, as well as a range of tools such as a strategy builder and risk profiler.

There are automated trading APIs and a backtester that allows theories and strategies to be tested in live market conditions without risking capital.

Traders can also access members-only Discord groups to discuss insights and theories, as well as take part in trading competitions and follow live streams and AMAs with other traders.

On-chain analytics

Dash 2 Trade will allow its users to gain a major edge by providing advanced data and metrics of the crypto markets.

With narrative and sentiment driving price as much as technical fundamentals, Dash 2 Trade will scour social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter, analyze on-chain data and track whale wallet activity to spot developing trends and help its users act on them.

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About Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is the first institutional-grade crypto analytics software available to all investors. 

The platform is powered by the D2T token, which you can purchase at presale until January 5, 2023, with its IEO on January 11.

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